I’m often asked “how frequently should I get my carpets cleaned?” This question has quite a few variables to consider to be able to answer it.

First is the age of the carpet. As carpet gets older and worn, it looses it’s ability to repel dirt and spills. This is mostly because the factory applied stain-guard gets worn off. It can be very beneficial to have a protector re-applied after getting your carpet professionally cleaned. The technician will have the knowledge and the products to ensure that the protector is applied properly. Over the counter products are not professional grade products and are not as high of quality as the ones that a professional carpet cleaner has on their truck.

The second variable is the amount of traffic that the carpet experiences. An older couple with no pets or kids in the house can go a year between cleanings. Add in children and pets and the frequency goes up. Kids like to eat in the family room (even though they’re not supposed to) and the dog likes to chew on their favorite toy on the carpet too. In addition to this the kids play outside and drag in dirt and mud every time they come inside. It seems like a loosing battle, so carpet cleaning needs to be done more often.

Another factor is the climate you live in. Wet winters tend to be harsher on the carpet as the snow and rain gets tracked in. Dusty climates bring in lots of dirt that gets embedded deep into the carpet fibers. These elements need to be removed by a professional that has the equipment and products to do the job right.

I personally would never go more that a year between professional cleanings. In fact, the major carpet manufactures recommend getting your carpet cleaned at least once a year, using the hot water extraction (steam cleaning) method. Carpet is a germ magnet and a catch all for everything that gravity brings its way. Professional cleaning will kill all germs and remove the soil that gets deep into the carpet. Add in the variables that I have described and the need for cleaning goes up. In my home we have four children and a dog. I try to clean my carpet every six months.

One important thing to remember is that dirt is abrasive. As it sits in the carpet, it scratches the carpet fibers and dulls their appearance. Once the carpet gets scratched up, the dirt becomes harder to remove and can bond permanently with the fibers. Getting the soil removed will increase the life of your carpet and protect your investment.

Carpet Geek