Carpet cleaning Boise Idaho

Satisfaction guaranteed! If you don’t like it, return it for a full refund!

You hear these sales pitches every day, but what do they really mean? Does the product really solve your problems and will it really make your life easier? Will you really wonder how you ever lived without it?

Whenever I hear one of these claims on the TV, I always have to look and try to read the fine print at the bottom of the screen as it flashes faster than I can blink.

When I enter a customer’s home, I want them to know that satisfaction guaranteed really means satisfaction guaranteed. In will inspect the job and thoroughly explain any concerns that I have and let the customer know what they can expect.

After I perform the cleaning, I always let the customer know that if they have any questions, concerns, of are not satisfied, to call me. I will come back as soon as possible (usually that day or the next) and address the problem. I never want anyone to feel dissatisfied with spending their hard earned money on my services.

You can rest assured that I will do the best job that can be done! I don’t cut corners, I clean them.

If you ever have any questions of want me to come out to your home for a free estimate, don’t hesitate to call!

Carpet Geek