Carpet protector, Scotchgard, teflon…. It has many names, but it has one main function: to save your carpet from permanent stains.

When I ask my customers if they would like carpet protector applied, I get asked if it really works. The answer is simple, yes.

When carpet is new, it has a factory applied protector on it. (I make carpet salesmen mad when I tell people this, but do not pay extra for scotchgard if you are buying new carpet. It is already on there.) After time the protector gets worn especially in high traffic areas. After cleaning is the best time to have the protector reapplied.

The carpet protector helps keep spills on top of the carpet (see picture above). It also keeps dirt form sticking to the carpet fibers, making soil removal more effective when doing routing vacuuming.

Other mishaps like markers, crayons and Kool-aid are removed easier when the carpet protector has been re-applied after cleaning. One bad spill can make the investment in carpet protector well worth it.

If you would like to see first hand the benefits of carpet protector, ask for a demo next time you get your carpet cleaned in Boise Idaho. I would be more than happy to show you how beneficial this product can be.

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