Carpet repair Meridian Idaho

A customer of mine just purchased a short sale home. The carpet was in decent condition except for some wrinkles in a couple of rooms.

These wrinkles were the result of a poor install. If the carpet is not properly power-stretched when installed, this is often the result:

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I was able to stretch the wrinkles out and get it ready for cleaning:

carpet repair eagle idaho

If you look, you can still see lines from the wrinkles. The carpet is stretched flat, but the areas that were raised up from being wrinkled are dirtier that the rest of the carpet. A good cleaning was needed:

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I stretched a couple of rooms and cleaned the carpet for less than it would have cost to replace just the living room carpet.

Here is another room that was stretched:

carpet cleaning meridian idaho

carpet cleaning eagle idaho

Call us BEFORE you replace your carpet! We can repair and clean it for a fraction of the cost.

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Carpet cleaning Meridian Idaho