Carpet repair Meridian Idaho

Sometimes bad things happen to good carpet……

If you accidentally left the dog inside too long, and they tried to dig out, through the carpet…… Don’t panic, it can be repaired.

carpet repair meridian idaho

All that is needed is a donor piece of carpet and a call to Carpet Geek! We have the knowledge and tools to save you from having to replace the carpet!

Carpet repair Boise Idaho

If you do not have an extra piece of carpet, then one can be taken from a closet or some other inconspicuous place. Sometimes people don’t want to have a piece of carpet cut out of their closet, but in a case like this, which would you rather have? We will find a place that is not noticeable and take the donor from there.

Putting a new piece of carpet into a traffic area can be difficult to blend together so don’t forget to have your carpet cleaned too! Getting the carpet cleaned will help the carpet blend together better and hide the repair.

Carpet repair Eagle Idaho

Feel free to call if you have any questions!

We can help save your carpet and save you $$$!



Carpet Cleaning Meridian Idaho