Carpet Repair Meridian Idaho

This is a seam that was bothering a homeowner. She asked if there was anything that I could to make it look better.

Carpet Repair Meridian Idaho

Carpet Repair Eagle Idaho

I had to cut the old seam apart, remove the old seam tape, and get it prepared to be put together again:

Carpet repair Boise Idaho

Carpet Repair Boise Idaho

During the cutting of the old seam and removing the old tape, some of the carpet edges were damaged and had to be cut back some. This created a situation that I had to “clamp” the carpet together with a crab stretcher to try to get it to pull together:

Carpet Repair Boise Idaho

I took a picture of the finished product, but it is blurry. The seam came out good, but you can see some areas that were a little difficult to pull together because of the damage from the original work done on the seam. The overall result was satisfactory and the customer was happy with the work.

Carpet Cleaning Meridian Idaho

Don’t forget to get the carpet cleaned after the repairs are done, You will be more satisfied with the outcome!

Remember to call me BEFORE you replace your carpet. It most likely can be repaired and cleaned. This can save you lots of money!


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Carpet Cleaning Boise Idaho