This is a question that I hear almost every day. It’s a good question, especially after you have just gotten your carpet deep cleaned. Let’s take a look at the options and the features you will see in the vacuum aisle.

Look at your vacuum as a tool for keeping you home clean. Dirt and sand is abrasive. If it gets in your carpet and is left, it will scratch the fibers causing damage that is irreversible. It is important to remove the soil with a quality vacuum.

HEPA filter… what is that? High efficiency particulate air filter. This is a filter that removes 99.97% of particles that have a size greater than or equal to 0.3 micron. This standard is set by the US Dept of Energy. This is a must for your vacuum that you will be using in your home. It is important to remove these filters and replace them or clean them out per the manufacturer’s instructions. The vacuum I use has three filters that need to be cleaned regularly.

Never loses suction…… Since the advent of the bagless vacuum, this has become the standard for vacuums. Vacuum bags would get clogged and people would tend to not replace the as often as they should. Newer designed bagless vacuums are more powerful and they can lift more dirt out of the carpet. While it is true that it will never lose suction, it can however, lose air movement. Often something will get stuck somewhere in the vacuum and obstruct the airflow. I hear from people all the time that they bought an expensive vacuum and it worked great when they bought it, but it seems to have stopped working so good. If you notice that your vacuum isn’t filling up the canister like it used to or its making a high pitched noise and getting hot, take it apart and check for obstructions. You can also take an air compressor and blow out the hoses.

Attachments….. The different attachments that come with a vacuum are endless. I’m sure you have a bag full of attachments in the closet that you never use. There are a few staple attachments that every vacuum should have. One is a brush attachment. This will help get dust off vents, pull hair out of the couch cushions and also clean the blinds. The next is a wedge or crevice tool. This is good for getting down in the couch to get the cookie crumbs. It is also good for getting along the baseboards. Lastly, it needs to have a good stair tool. People always neglect the stairs when it comes to vacuuming. It is a pain to do, but it still needs to be done. More attachments add to the cost of the vacuum, so I don’t recommend getting one that has more than you need.

So, what do you reccomend? I personally am a huge fan of the Dyson vacuum. They are pricey, but will last forever for the average homeowner. The design is innovative and they are the reason we have the bagless vacuum today. The Dyson will need some maintenance now and then, but it is minimal. If you have a Dyson and it has stopped working like it did when you first bought it, the take it apart and clean it. It is easy to remove the hoses and inspect it for obstructions. On my carpet cleaning vans I have The Shark Navigator DLX. (Why don’t we use Dysons? We are tough on our vacuums and I don’t want to replace a $500 vacuum every three months. The Shark can be found on sale for around $130.) The DLX model has a larger dirt canister size than the regular Navigator. That is good for the amount of vacuuming we do in each house. The downside to the Shark as opposed to the Dyson is the amount of maintenance needed. I have to clean the filters a couple of times a week and I also blow it out with my air compressor. You as a normal homeowner will not need to do this as often. My vacuums can be in up to five houses a day and sometimes they see some heavy duty use.

Regular maintenance of your carpet  will make it last a long time. Call us to schedule your spring cleaning. It’s time to get the winter grime out of your carpet. We also clean tile and upholstery. 208-855-5715 carpet cleaning Meridian, Idaho