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I had a good amount of reviews on Google places. I was the number one in my area and I got a lot of calls from new customers because of it. Because of a misunderstanding with Google’s policies, my account was deleted. I lost all of my reviews and I had to create a new account.

This is my new profile:

Carpet cleaning Eagle Idaho

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Rob's Ramblings

Duck Dynasty

Phil Robertson may not appreciate me writing about his business or his family.  I’m what Phil would derisively call a “yuppy.”  I don’t own camo, hunt, or have a beard.  That’s not to say I’m some granola PETA-type; I’m a devoted carnivore who loves gumbo, fried fish, and even the occasional boudin link.  Phil lives off the land and, frankly, doesn’t think very highly of the lifestyle the rest of us non-outdoorsy types choose to live.  I dwell comfortably in the suburbs buying my groceries at Kroger where the butcher kindly dresses my meat.  In some ways, Phil and I have about as much in common as Snooki and the Pope, which is why it may seem odd that I have been sucked into Phil Robertson’s world via the uber-popular Duck Dynasty reality show.

Phil’s story fascinates me.

Decades ago, Phil kicked his wife and kids out of his house…

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Carpet Cleaning Yelp Reviews

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Yelp reviews can be a good thing for both consumers and business owners alike. However Yelp has this annoying “review filter” that is supposed to block out reviews that are not legitimate. I have 6 reviews on Yelp from actual customers and they all have been filtered.

So I thought I would post them here:

Carpet Cleaner Reviews Eagle Idaho

6 Filtered Reviews for Carpet Geek

  • Lori Y.

Boise, ID



Charlie is very professional and does an excellent job. I highly recommend him to do your upholstery or carpet cleaning.

  • Dave P.

Meridian, ID



Charlie was reffered to me by an aquaintence/customer, He did an outstanding job cleaning &stretching the carpet, & recoating the hardwood in the house we just purchased. will use again & recomend to anybody !

  • Heather G.




We thought we would have to recarpet.  Carpet Geek cleaned the carpets up, even removing red candle wax that had gotten embedded in the carpet.  Thank-you Carpet Geek!

  • Dianna D.

Boise, ID



Carpet Geek is the best carpet cleaners in the valley. Not only is the price right but the quality of work is fantastic. Charles Lyman was professional and extremely friendly and truly cared about the quality of service he was providing. He went above and beyond my expectations. If you do not use Carpet Geek you are not only paying to much but are not receiving quality and great service. Call them for your next carpet cleaning you will not regret or have buyers remorse.
Dianna Dahl

  • tawna q.

Garden City, ID



Great work, very friendly, was able to schedule me quickly…I am very satisfied!

  • Rhonda D.

Boise, ID



I have used this service several times and he always goes above and beyond to make sure my carpets get the treatments they need.  They are professional and always show up on time!

Thank you to everyone that has left us a review on Yelp, Google, KTVB, or Angie’s List!

We look forward to serving you again and adding more satisfied customers to reviews!

Do it yourself carpet cleaning….

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Carpet cleaning Meridian Idaho

For painfully obvious reasons, I’m not a big fan of home carpet cleaning machines. Before I got into this industry, (yes I’ll admit it) I used to clean my own carpet with a Hoover Steam Vac. It did a decent job, and I was happy with the results. The big problems were that the carpet got dirty very fast and it would take forever to dry. Another problem is that  just like doing your taxes yourself, when you clean your own carpet, you leave a lot behind.

A customer of mine had been cleaning her own carpet for a long time. She called me because she was not satisfied with how her carpet was looking and she said that it seemed to get dirty fast. I explained to her that she was leaving soap in her carpet from cleaning it herself and that was causing the re-soiling.

After cleaning a room I noticed that I was loosing vacuum from my machine and I went outside to see what the problem was. I took apart my filter to find that the soap that was in the carpet was foaming up and blocking the vacuum hoses:

carpet cleaning boise idaho

carpet cleaning meridian idaho

Carpet cleaning Eagle Idaho

In normal conditions there would be no soap present in the filter.

I rinsed the carpet real good to get all of the existing soap out of it. The customer told me that she has never seen the carpet look so clean. The soap that was left behind was attracting soil and causing the carpet to look dirty within a couple of days.

If you haven’t ever had your carpet professionally cleaned, then now is the time! You will be amazed at the results and your carpet will be healthy and clean.

Carpet cleaning Boise Idaho

Feel free to call for a free estimate.



Hardwood Floors Boise Meridian Eagle Idaho

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Have you been considering getting your hardwood floors sanded and refinished? Have you gotten a few bids on the cost? Do you know how long you will need to be off the floors? How much of a mess will it create?

These are good questions to ask when considering getting this done. Most of the answers will not be very encouraging. Re-sanding is very expensive, inconvenient and if the contractor does not have good equipment, it will be very messy.

There is some good news. Getting them cleaned, buffed and refinished is a good alternative. It is cost effective, not messy at all, and you can be back on your floors in a matter of hours. Not all hardwood floors are candidates for this process. If you have deep scratches, spots that the stain is worn off, or water damage, then sanding is the choice for you. If you have light scratches and your floors simply need a cleaning and a shine put on them, then this is for you.

I was giving a bid on cleaning carpets in Meridian at a house that a family was purchasing and they were also getting bids on having the floors sanded. I looked at the floors and they were in good condition. They were a good candidate for cleaning and refinishing. The cost to sand their floors was going to be around $2000. I measured the floors and I could clean and refinish them for about 25% of what it was going to cost for sanding.

Here are some pictures of the finished floors:



There is no dust created during this process, you can be back on your floors in hours instead of days, and best of all, it can be done at a fraction of the cost to have them sanded.

If you would like to get a free quote on having your floors cleaned and refinished give us a call.


Carpet Geek


Carpet cleaning Meridian Idaho


More Carpet Repair Eagle, Meridian, Boise, Idaho


Carpet Repair Meridian Idaho

This is a seam that was bothering a homeowner. She asked if there was anything that I could to make it look better.

Carpet Repair Meridian Idaho

Carpet Repair Eagle Idaho

I had to cut the old seam apart, remove the old seam tape, and get it prepared to be put together again:

Carpet repair Boise Idaho

Carpet Repair Boise Idaho

During the cutting of the old seam and removing the old tape, some of the carpet edges were damaged and had to be cut back some. This created a situation that I had to “clamp” the carpet together with a crab stretcher to try to get it to pull together:

Carpet Repair Boise Idaho

I took a picture of the finished product, but it is blurry. The seam came out good, but you can see some areas that were a little difficult to pull together because of the damage from the original work done on the seam. The overall result was satisfactory and the customer was happy with the work.

Carpet Cleaning Meridian Idaho

Don’t forget to get the carpet cleaned after the repairs are done, You will be more satisfied with the outcome!

Remember to call me BEFORE you replace your carpet. It most likely can be repaired and cleaned. This can save you lots of money!


Carpet Geek


Carpet Cleaning Boise Idaho


Carpet Repair Meridian, Eagle, Boise Idaho


Carpet repair Meridian Idaho

Sometimes bad things happen to good carpet……

If you accidentally left the dog inside too long, and they tried to dig out, through the carpet…… Don’t panic, it can be repaired.

carpet repair meridian idaho

All that is needed is a donor piece of carpet and a call to Carpet Geek! We have the knowledge and tools to save you from having to replace the carpet!

Carpet repair Boise Idaho

If you do not have an extra piece of carpet, then one can be taken from a closet or some other inconspicuous place. Sometimes people don’t want to have a piece of carpet cut out of their closet, but in a case like this, which would you rather have? We will find a place that is not noticeable and take the donor from there.

Putting a new piece of carpet into a traffic area can be difficult to blend together so don’t forget to have your carpet cleaned too! Getting the carpet cleaned will help the carpet blend together better and hide the repair.

Carpet repair Eagle Idaho

Feel free to call if you have any questions!

We can help save your carpet and save you $$$!



Carpet Cleaning Meridian Idaho

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