Dog damaged carpet

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Did your pet decide to chew on the carpet? Are you now afraid that you will lose your security deposit? Are you trying to sell your home? If you live in Meridian, Idaho and you have pet damaged carpet, we can help. We have been repairing carpet for over 12 years.  We have the tools and the experience to get the job done right. Take a look at some of the carpet repairs in Eagle Idaho that we have done.

Carpet is what we specialize in and we can help you save money by repairing and cleaning it. Carpet is a big investment and if it is cared for and maintained, it will last a long time. We can take a remnant piece of carpet and use it to replace the damaged areas. If you do not have a remnant piece, we can take some from an inconspicuous place like a closet and perform the repair. If you want it done right, then give us a call.

We are your Boise carpet repair specialists!


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Ink Spots 208-855-5715

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Carpet cleaning Meridian Idaho

I recently got called to a home to remove some ink spots in the carpet. The homeowner’s son had broken open a felt pen and removed the ink cartridge. They used a towel with water and tried to remove a spot themselves.

Carpet cleaning Meridian Idaho

When I tried to remove the spot, I could not get any ink to come out of the carpet fibers.

Carpet cleaning Eagle Idaho

I then found another spot that the homeowner had not seen and did not try to remove.

Carpet cleaning eagle idaho

I did a test to see if anything would come out of the untouched spot:

Carpet cleaning boise idaho

I was able to successfully remove this spot. By rubbing the previous spot, the homeowner set the ink and it could not be removed, even with professional cleaning products.

Because of the attempt of the homeowner to remove the ink, they now are left with this spot in the carpet:

Carpet cleaner meridian idaho

Sometimes it is best to call a professional before attempting to remove a spill or a spot.

If you are ever in doubt about a spot in the carpet, give me a call. I will be happy to answer any questions you have.



High Quality Carpet Cleaning 208-855-5715

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Today I cleaned a customer’s carpets that had found my company by seeing me cleaning her neighbor’s carpet. The carpet needed a good deep cleaning and had a few areas that needed some special attention. When I was finished, she was thrilled with the results and said she wished she would have had her carpets cleaned sooner.

This got me thinking. If she would have had her carpets cleaned a few weeks ago, she probably wouldn’t have hired me to do it because she would have had it done before I was in her neighborhood. I know that I did the best job possible and got out all spots that were able to be removed. I do not know what another company would have done.

So what is the difference between carpet cleaning companies?

Customer service, in my opinion, is the biggest difference. By this I mean that if a carpet cleaner does not care about their customer, then they will not do the best job possible. They will not take the time and effort to treat each spot individually and make every effort to remove them. To have to stop, put down the wand and walk out to the truck to get a special spot remover can be inconvenient. However, I make the effort because I do not want that one spot to keep the customer from calling me back the next time they need their carpets cleaned. Even more, I want them to be so happy that they tell their family and friends about me.

This customer was able to talk to her neighbor before hiring me. This helped her make an informed decision about the quality of my work. Before hiring anyone to do work at your house, get referrals. Ask your friends and family for names of people that they have hired. Make sure they are reputable and care about their work.

Read online reviews. Google places, Yelp, KTVB linktown are great places to get information about a contractor.

If you ever have questions, or would like a free estimate, please call. I would love to add you to my list of satisfied customers.

Carpet cleaning Boise Idaho



Red, ain’t no substitute for red!

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The first concert I ever went to was Sammy Hagar. He is known as the Red Rocker because of his song “Red”. The lyrics to the chorus in the song goes like this: “Red, Red, I love Red. ain’t no substitute for red”.

I wish this was the case for carpet cleaning. Red dye is very difficult to completely remove from the carpet. Most food and drinks that are red have artificial coloring in them (Kool-Aid, chocolate, ect.). When spilled on the carpet, it can dye the carpet in the same way that hair is dyed. Once hair is dyed, it is usually permanent.

Not all red dye spills are going to be permanent. Having carpet protector applied after cleaning can help these spills from soaking into the carpet fibers. However, do it yourself attempts can do more damage than good. Place a damp towel over the spill and contact me. I will come by as soon as I can.

To remove the red dye, I have to use a dye remover and heat. The dye remover is a two part chemical that when mixed together it will remove the weakest dye in the carpet. That is usually the last dye to go into the carpet. Once I apply the dye remover, I use a steam iron and a damp towel to heat up the dye remover and draw the red dye into the towel. If properly done, the removal process can be successful. On the other hand, if done improperly, the spot can be set and become a stain.

If the person doing the spot removal is not careful, they can remove more colors than just the red dye, leaving a bleached spot.

The right training and experience is a must for the carpet cleaning technician to be successful and not damage the carpet.

If you ever have a carpet mishap, call me, I will take care of it for you!


Carpet cleaner in Meridian Idaho


Carpet Cleaning Drying Time

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How long will it take for my carpet to dry? I get asked this a couple of times a day. There are a number of factors to answering this question.

The first and most important factor is the weather. If it is hot and dry outside, the carpet dries fast. If it is raining, then it will take longer. If I can open windows and let the moisture get outside, they dry even quicker.

Another factor is how dirty the carpet is. If there is alot of soil in the carpet, I have to use more cleaning products to get the carpet clean. This also means that I have to use more water to rinse the carpet clean. If the carpet is only lightly soiled, then less water and product is used so the carpet can dry faster.

I only use as much water as needed when cleaning carpet in Meridian Idaho. I use high quality cleaning products so I will not have to use alot of water to scrub the dirt out of the carpet. Some companies don’t use any cleaning chemicals and use just steam to clean the carpet. I often hear about these companies leaving the carpet wet for three days. This is never an acceptable amount of time for drying.

When I clean I also take the time to do a slow dry pass when cleaning. The high powered vacuum that my machine produces will remove a good amount of moisture from the carpet. After I clean a room, I will go over it with a carpet rake to make the carpet fibers stand up in a natural position so they can dry faster. Then I place high powered air movers in the room so that the air can circulate and pull as much moisture out of the carpet as possible.

So to answer the question about dry times… If the weather is dry and warm, I can have the carpet almost dry when I leave. If the weather is cold and wet, then you should have the carpet dry in 4-5 hours.

Call today to schedule a cleaning appointment!



Online Reviews

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Customer testimonials are the best way to learn about a company. I have gone for over 3 years without a marketing campaign because my customers have been happy to share our name with their family and friends.

Just recently I started to use the internet as a way to reach new customers. When I started to think about the idea of finding someone on the internet and then inviting them into your home, it seemed kind of scary. So one thing I felt I needed to do was get a good review base out there so people could see who I am and how I conduct myself in people’s homes. I also added a page on my website with a picture of my family so people could see what I look like.

Google places has been a good place to learn about businesses. On my last post I shared some of the reviews I have received. You can click here to go to my Google place and read them in the context of the posts if you would like.

Yelp is another good place to get reviews. If I have an extraordinary experience with a business, I go to yelp on my phone and leave a review. It is a very useful app for your smart phone and can help you find credible businesses.

Mojo pages is a service of KTVB where people can leave reviews for local businesses. I really like this place for small businesses like mine because it is for the local guys.

There are many more places, but this is a good place to start looking to find out about the businesses in your area. Read online reviews before you purchase something or hire someone, it could save you some headaches and some of your hard earned money.

If you have had a good experience with us, please leave a review on any of these pages.

The holidays are quickly approaching, so call today to get scheduled before the company shows up!

If you need a carpet cleaner in Meridian Idaho call:


Carpet Geek

What is a reputation worth? My Google reviews.

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 One of the things I am proud of is the reputation I have worked so hard to get. A referral is the best way to find a service or product. I have built my business with the referrals from many satisfied customers. I strive to give the kind of service that people want to tell their friends about.
This is a few of the online reviews that I have gotten lately:
 Tammi ‎ – Oct 4, 2011

As a property management business we rely on the quality of work from other private companies to reflect on our own. Carpet Geek does an excellent job and I am always proud to refer their services! Charlie is honest, prompt and reliable and I appreciate him and his service. If you want great service and an honest opinion, Charlie is the person you want. We use Charlie for business and for our personal home. I highly recommend Carpet Geek!

Chris ‎ – Oct 3, 2011

The Carpet Geek is the BEST! Talk about personal service! Charlie doesn’t just send someone else to take care of your carpet, he does it himself. He cares about his reputation and works hard to make sure you’re always satisfied. Any time we have our carpets cleaned, we always call Charlie. He does a great job.

Theresa ‎ – Sep 30, 2011

I have had the Carpet Geek out to my house many times. Charlie has been able to remove hard dirt and oil stains and pet accidents. I would recommend The Carpet Geek to anyone. I have recommended Charlie to my friends. And they were very pleased with the results. I will not call any other carpet cleaning company to my home. And the prices are very reasonable. Call the Carpet Geek for fast, friendly and professional service.

Michelle ‎ – Sep 12, 2011

I’ve had Charlie out to my home three or four times now. I am so glad my friend recommended him. Appointments are always easy to make and he is always prompt. When he is done my carpets look FANTASTIC! It is so nice to have the peace of mind in knowing that whatever my family might do to the carpet, I know the Carpet Geek will be able to take care of it!

Gail ‎ – Sep 4, 2011

I highly recommend Charlie, owner and operator of Carpet Geek. Charlie is prompt to answer his phone to schedule an appointment. He has been our exclusive carpet cleaner for several years. Charlie has always been on time, courteous, professional, and detailed oriented each time. The carpet always looks terrific when he finishes. He has also detailed our vehicle and cleaned the grout in our tile. We have never been disappointed with his work.

Debra ‎ – Aug 19, 2011

Charles does an amazing job of cleaning. He is thorough with the carpets and protective of the furniture. You would think it was his furniture. He arrives on time and is courteous, clean and polite. Definitely a go getter! 🙂

Michele ‎ – Aug 18, 2011

Carpet Geek is the best in the business. If you are looking for someone who knows what they are doing and does it right the first time, Charlie is the one to do it. We have also had him clean our upholstery, and stretch the carpet in many bedrooms. VERY highly recommended!

Bryan ‎ – Aug 17, 2011

It is hard these days to find someone that takes pride in their work. Charlie clearly loves what he does and the final product and his customer service are testaments to this philosophy! An honest and fair price. You wouldn’t know that my carpets had seven years of wear, tear, pets and a toddler working them over – they look factory new now. Recommended!

Tamara ‎ – Aug 4, 2011

Charlie is the best! He’s friendly, affordable and always puts in an extra effort. Every time he cleans my carpets he will go the extra mile to make sure everything looks amazing. I had asked him to clean a couple spots on my couch when he was done with the carpets and he didn’t even charge me. I’d highly recommend him!

We would love to add you to our list of satisfied customers.
Call Carpet Geek today!

If a Spot Comes Back, So Do I

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Carpet cleaning Boise Idaho

Satisfaction guaranteed! If you don’t like it, return it for a full refund!

You hear these sales pitches every day, but what do they really mean? Does the product really solve your problems and will it really make your life easier? Will you really wonder how you ever lived without it?

Whenever I hear one of these claims on the TV, I always have to look and try to read the fine print at the bottom of the screen as it flashes faster than I can blink.

When I enter a customer’s home, I want them to know that satisfaction guaranteed really means satisfaction guaranteed. In will inspect the job and thoroughly explain any concerns that I have and let the customer know what they can expect.

After I perform the cleaning, I always let the customer know that if they have any questions, concerns, of are not satisfied, to call me. I will come back as soon as possible (usually that day or the next) and address the problem. I never want anyone to feel dissatisfied with spending their hard earned money on my services.

You can rest assured that I will do the best job that can be done! I don’t cut corners, I clean them.

If you ever have any questions of want me to come out to your home for a free estimate, don’t hesitate to call!

Carpet Geek 


Carpet Cleaning Pricing: Square Foot or by the Room?

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Coke or Pepsi, Ford or Chevy, Leno or Letterman, Android or iPhone. There is and has always been two different opinions or preferences for everything. Most people have a strong opinion for which ever side they are on. For me, my preferences are Coke, Ford and Leno. I have to admit that I was a big Android fan until my wife got an iPhone. The worst thing Android can do is let one of their customers get an iPhone in their hands. My wife’s phone is amazing and I will be switching shortly.

In the carpet cleaning world, there is an age old argument on pricing. Pricing by the room, or by the square foot. Get a room full of carpet cleaners and this can be a lively conversation.

I have heard both sides of the argument, and if you have had me clean your carpet, you know where I stand. I price by the square foot.

The argument for pricing by the room is mostly for convenience. Carpet cleaners like to be able to give a price over the phone and not have to make an initial trip to the customer’s house to give a price quote. I will admit, this can be convenient for a customer that is calling around looking for prices and easier for the carpet cleaner.

I have a few problems with pricing by the room. First is: how do you justify charging the same price for a smaller bedroom than a bigger room? What if there is more furniture in that room or it has a bigger bed? If you are not cleaning under the bed, how can you charge that much?

What about empty rooms? Do you as a carpet cleaner smile knowing that you are not going to make as much on that room as the one that has furniture? What about closets? The house might have a big closet, and you are only charging for a small one. I am sure the “room price” factors this in and makes sure they come out ahead considering all circumstances. By the room pricing is set up to benefit the carpet cleaner, not the customer.

Pricing by the square foot is all around fair for all people. What the customer wants cleaned is what is measured and that is what they pay for.

Sure it can be inconvenient for the carpet cleaner to have to make a trip to the customer’s house to measure, but there are some benefits to this too.

I know that I am a stranger being trusted in someone’s home. By doing an estimate, this allows the customer to meet me and not be committed to hiring me to clean their carpet. I can measure the carpet, leave them a copy of the price and then they can decide to hire me without the pressure of me being there. I take the fact that I am being trusted in someone’s home very seriously. I have worked hard to earn my reputation as someone that can be trusted and I will work hard to keep that reputation. I respect the homeowner and their belongings and want them to be happy that I cleaned their carpet.

By doing an estimate I can answer any questions the customer has and address any concerns they might have. I can also inspect the condition of the carpet and make any recommendations for repairs and/or stretching if needed.

Call Carpet Geek today and schedule a free estimate!


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