Dog damaged carpet

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Did your pet decide to chew on the carpet? Are you now afraid that you will lose your security deposit? Are you trying to sell your home? If you live in Meridian, Idaho and you have pet damaged carpet, we can help. We have been repairing carpet for over 12 years.  We have the tools and the experience to get the job done right. Take a look at some of the carpet repairs in Eagle Idaho that we have done.

Carpet is what we specialize in and we can help you save money by repairing and cleaning it. Carpet is a big investment and if it is cared for and maintained, it will last a long time. We can take a remnant piece of carpet and use it to replace the damaged areas. If you do not have a remnant piece, we can take some from an inconspicuous place like a closet and perform the repair. If you want it done right, then give us a call.

We are your Boise carpet repair specialists!


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Tile cleaning Meridian, Idaho

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Tile cleaning Meridian, Idaho

If you are frustrated with your tile and grout, we can help. Grout lines can be difficult to clean. We at Carpet Geek have the knowledge and the tools to clean tile and grout. We can also seal the grout to help it stay clean longer and keep the stains out.

Tile cleaning Meridian, Idaho

Carpet cleaning Meridian, Eagle, Boise Idaho

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For the highest quality carpet cleaning in Meridian, Eagle and Bose Idaho, Call Carpet Geek.

Carpet cleaning Meridian Idaho

If you have tile and grout that needs some TLC, we can help you with that too!

Tile cleaning Meridian Idaho

For all of your floor maintenance needs call Carpet Geek First!


Carpet Geek

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Clean Feeling Home 208-855-5715

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People often tell me how good their home feels after getting the carpets cleaned. One customer tells me that she would rather get the carpet cleaned over going to the spa for the day. It lifts her spirits and puts her in a good mood. I enjoy being able to provide that service to people.

If you are experiencing the winter blues, here is an interesting article about it:

Beating the winter blues

They talk about 6 ways to feel better when the season brings you down. They forgot to mention the seventh, and most important way, getting your carpet cleaned!

Don’t put off getting your carpet cleaned too long. Leaving soil in the carpet can cause permanent damage and leave unsightly traffic lanes.  Call Carpet Geek to get the best carpet cleaning in Meridian, Eagle, Boise Idaho!





Tile Cleaning Eagle Idaho

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Tile cleaning meridian idaho.jpg

Floor that didn't appear dirty until cleaned

At first glance this floor did not seem extremely dirty. A good floor will hide the dirt and built up grease. This floor was doing its job. You can see where I have cleaned the floor already.  Next to the clean part, the cleaning solution has been applied and is breaking up the grease. At the top of the picture the floor is untouched with no cleaning solution. The untouched floor was normal looking to the home owner because it had always looked this way. Once the cleaning process was started, it became evident just how dirty the floor really was.

To see if your floor could use a good cleaning, take a look at the grout around the edges of the room and compare it to the grout in the middle of the room.

Next step: call Carpet Geek!

We have the knowledge, products and tools to get the floor looking great again.

If you are looking for a tile cleaner in Eagle Idaho, look no further!

Cleaning Carpet in Meridian Idaho

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If you are in doubt about replacing your carpet or getting it cleaned, call Carpet Geek. We can clean your carpet and have it looking great again at a fraction of the cost to have it replaced!

If you need a carpet cleaner in Meridian Idaho, Call today! We have the knowledge, equipment, and products to get the job done right.

We can also clean your tile and grout.





Tile Cleaning Meridian Idaho

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Have you ever tried to clean the grout in your tile? This can be very difficult if you do not have the cleaning products and tools to do it. This kitchen was in need of some TLC. The grout had heavy oil build up on it.


After we applied a high quality cleaning solution, the grout was scrubbed and then cleaned with a special tile cleaning tool.This tool uses steam, to get a deep clean, and rinses the tile clean. The floor is now clean enough to eat off!


If your tile needs some specialized TLC, call Carpet Geek! We have the products, tools and knowledge to get the job done right!

We can also get your carpet cleaned and ready for Christmas company! Call today!



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