Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Meridian Idaho

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Upholstery cleaning Meridian Idaho

Microfiber couches can be a love hate situation for most homeowners. They look great when you first purchase them, are reasonably priced, and can be spot cleaned relatively easy. The problem with them is that microfiber is simply a reinvention of polyester.

I personally own microfiber couches and they have been very durable. They are about 6 years old. I clean them a couple of times a year and they clean up nicely. Most spots rinse out fairly easy with a normal cleaning solution and don’t need any specialized spotters. My couches are starting to show some wear along the beading on the cushions. This is from simply sitting on them and having clothing rub against it and wearing off the fabric. Even after I clean them, these areas can appear to still be dirty because the backing on the fabric is starting to show. There is nothing that can be done to prevent this, it is simply normal wear and tear.

Carpet cleaning Meridian Idaho

One problem I encounter with microfiber is oil. If you have ever tried to get an oily spot out of a polyester shirt, you know where I am coming from on this. If you have your couches cleaned regularly, than this is not as much of a problem. However, if it has been years since the couches have been cleaned, then cleaning them can be a challenge.

Oil can come from many sources. Food, animals, hair and skin are just a few. Polyester adsorbs the oil. People or a pet then sit on it causing friction that grinds it deeper into the fabric. If it is not cleaned, this can become permanent damage.

If you spill something on your couches, try to use water to dab it out. Using a white towel (so no colors from the towel bleed onto the couch), wet part of the towel and press it onto the spot. After that, use a dry part of the towel to press on the spot and absorb as much of the water and spill as possible. This technique can be used on carpet too.

Most importantly, have your couches cleaned at least once a year. It will protect your investment.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call!



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Carpet cleaning Eagle Idaho

This upholstery did not look that dirty before I started cleaning it. Couches and love seats are designed to hide the oil and dirt that is on it. Regular cleaning will help prevent permanent damage to the fabric.

For the best service possible, call Carpet Geek!



Carpet cleaning Meridian Idaho

Christmas Carpet Cleaning 208-855-5715

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Thanksgiving is over, Christmas music is playing in the stores, the decorations are starting to go up around the house. It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas.

Everything is ready, but is your carpet? You might be thinking to yourself that you wish you would have had the carpet cleaned BEFORE the decorations were up. Don’t worry, simply call Carpet Geek to take care of it! We will have your carpet cleaned and refreshed, ready for Christmas. We can gently clean around your decorations without disturbing them.

Having company? Forgot to call and get your carpet cleaned? Don’t worry, we can get you taken care of. We have high powered carpet drying fans that will get your carpet dry and ready for the company to show up.

Don’t forget to get the couches and love seats cleaned too. You want to know that your guests are relaxing on clean and healthy upholstery.

We can also clean the tile and grout in your home. If you look at your tile and notice that the grout in the middle of the room is not the same color as the grout along the walls, then you need to call us. Give your guests a floor that is clean enough to eat off!

Carpet Geek wants to help you make this the most memorable Christmas ever! Call and schedule a cleaning and we will apply carpet protector to your family room FREE! This offer is good through December 31, 2011 and we have a minimum service charge of $65.

Call Today!


Carpet Cleaning Meridian Idaho


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Two words that can save a mother’s day….. Washable Markers.

Please, if you are a parent of a young child, do yourself a favor and purchase washable markers. It will be the best thing you have ever done.

Unlike permanent markers, washable markers are water soluble. This means that the ink in the marker will dissolve in water. This means the nice shirt, table cloth, counter, table, or even… yes…. the carpet can be easily cleaned.

Permanent markers are just what they claim to be PERMANENT! They can be removed, but it is very difficult and is seldom a %100 removal.

So, before you hand the little one their next art project, check to see if the marker is washable. You will thank me for it!

Call today to get your carpet cleaned in Meridian Idaho before the holiday rush.



Equipment Questions

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Sometimes I get calls asking what kind of equipment I use. I have to ask a few questions to understand exactly what the person is really wanting to know.

This question can imply a few things. I will discuss them over the next few posts.

The first thing people are concerned with is me having a truck-mounted machine.

When I first started out I was using what is called a “portable” machine. This is an electric machine that I actually push into the house and use water out of the sink to fill the machine. The machine weighed about 70 pounds and I would have to pull it up and down stairs. This was hard on my back and was really slow. Don’t get me wrong, I could still do a great job, but it just took forever. As I got busier I had to find an easier and faster way to get the work done.

I purchased a truck-mounted machine and never looked back. It made my job easier and more productive.

The water that comes out of the machine can exceed 230 degrees. It also has a powerful vacuum that can recover a significant amount of water. This helps remove the soil in the carpet, upholstery or tile that is being cleaned.

When people are concerned about me having a truck-mounted machine it is usually because of property manager requirements. The carpet in rentals needs to be cleaned with water that is over 180 degrees so the carpet can be considered “sanitized”. With a portable machine the water can only get as hot as the tap water in the house. So this is why the property managers require truck-mounted equipment.

My equipment and cleaning products meet all state requirements for rental move outs.

Call today for a free estimate.



Owner Operator

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I currently run my business as an owner operator. This means that if you call… I answer the phone. If you have me over for an estimate…. I come over and measure the areas to be cleaned. If you schedule a cleaning….. yes, you guessed it, I show up at your door to perform the cleaning.

Sometimes this can make for a very busy day. But I prefer to have it this way. There are many more advantages to being an owner operater than having  employees.

-My customers are happy to see ME every time and not an employee. I have a long list of repeat customers that call regularly. I am always happy to see them and enjoy the conversations I get to have with them. Sometimes the conversations take longer than the cleanings do. In fact, I am friends with many of them on Facebook.  This is my favorite part of being in business for myself. I would miss this part most if I were to do something else for a living.

-I know I can trust MY own work. I do not have to worry about employees doing substandard work. I am on every job, and I know what is going on with each cleaning. Call me a control freak, but I like to know that every job is performed to the highest standard possible. As an owner operator, I don’t get paid if the business isn’t coming in. If my customers are not happy, they will not call back or tell their friends to call me. Sometimes employees do not see this side of the coin and customer service can be lacking.

-Employees. It is hard to find someone that can be trusted with your business. There is also more insurance costs that have to considered when hiring someone. I would have to charge higher prices to cover these costs. I would lose that hometown “mom an pop” business feel that many people enjoy and look for when calling someone. This is a headache that I will avoid as long as I can. If I ever need help, I usually take one of my sons with me. They have seen that hard work I have put into building this business and they are willing to work hard to help it grow. My customers enjoy meeting my sons too.

As long as I can, I will remain an owner operator. I know that things can change this, But as long as I am healthy enough to do it, I will.

I look forward to hearing from you!



Online Reviews

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Customer testimonials are the best way to learn about a company. I have gone for over 3 years without a marketing campaign because my customers have been happy to share our name with their family and friends.

Just recently I started to use the internet as a way to reach new customers. When I started to think about the idea of finding someone on the internet and then inviting them into your home, it seemed kind of scary. So one thing I felt I needed to do was get a good review base out there so people could see who I am and how I conduct myself in people’s homes. I also added a page on my website with a picture of my family so people could see what I look like.

Google places has been a good place to learn about businesses. On my last post I shared some of the reviews I have received. You can click here to go to my Google place and read them in the context of the posts if you would like.

Yelp is another good place to get reviews. If I have an extraordinary experience with a business, I go to yelp on my phone and leave a review. It is a very useful app for your smart phone and can help you find credible businesses.

Mojo pages is a service of KTVB where people can leave reviews for local businesses. I really like this place for small businesses like mine because it is for the local guys.

There are many more places, but this is a good place to start looking to find out about the businesses in your area. Read online reviews before you purchase something or hire someone, it could save you some headaches and some of your hard earned money.

If you have had a good experience with us, please leave a review on any of these pages.

The holidays are quickly approaching, so call today to get scheduled before the company shows up!

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